Nitro IPTV - Premium IPTV - PulsarTV | Nitro M3U Installation Process
Find the best channels for your IPTV services with us. We offer channels like nitrotv, pulsar tv, radiosity and mitv. These channels offer thousands of Live HD Channels, thousands of movies on demand and TV series. All the sports networks and international channels for your ROKU and Android devices.
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Nitro M3U Installation Process

This is the only way to install on your Roku Devices



Add Roku channel by going here:

m3u black (private channel)

Update Roku and Restart. Open app and push to add a playlist.

The first box that pops up is to give your playlist a name. You can name it anything you like. (Nitro, my channels, etc) After you name it, click to apply the name.

The next box that pops up is for your m3u link


**Replace X’s with your username and the Y‘s with your password . (YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD THAT WE SENT YOU)
(You CAN make this link smaller by copying it and adding it to the box on This will make the link smaller, and you can use that link instead).  After putting the m3u url (or the tinyurl) in the box, click to apply it.


Next, back out of the app and restart it.


When you restart, open the link of whatever you named the playlist. Click off any agreements to report app glitches if they appear.

It will take awhile to load all channels because there are so many. Possibly a few minutes. Be patient.

Scroll to the right. You will see favorites. Do not open it, as you have not loaded any favorites into the app yet. Scroll further right. You will see folders for each category, entertainment, movies premium, canada, mexico, spanish, sports, etc, as well as movie choices. Open each one to find the channels in that category.

There is no guide with this app. But will allow you to watch the channels.